Out of the Frame Bedrooms £

The out of the frame bedroom range is a 22mm soft close door or drawer set on a carcass creating clean lines and a more minimalist look.

From £1,500 per linear metre. Includes design, manufacture, spray finish and installation. Based on minimum 3 metre run per bedroom.

A quality bedroom that offers a feeling of comfort, calm and security after a hard day is exactly what we, at Dan Hurtley Ltd, want to deliver to you.

Our bedrooms are exquisitely designed to bring you the look, layout and feel that you desire.

We never lose sight of the fact that everyone has a different choice of style, material and colour as we bring you your perfect bedroom made with the finest materials.

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Every project is unique at Dan Hurtley Ltd. However, all projects follow a set process, ensuring we deliver the highest quality at every stage.

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