Classic Inframe Kitchens £££

The classic inframe kitchen range is a 30mm thick door hung in a hardwood frame off a traditional and visible butt hinge. The ultimate range for in-frame furniture.

Prices start from £30,000, including furniture, worktops, appliances and installation.

Whether you are designing a kitchen as part of a new construction or starting anew with your existing kitchen, why settle for anything else than making it exactly what you want?

We can work with you to give you the level of luxury, and the look and feel that you want.

As each of our projects and budgets is tailored to the individual and to the highest quality, we can create your design, specification, colour fit and finish to exactly match your vision.

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Every project is unique at Dan Hurtley Ltd. However, all projects follow a set process, ensuring we deliver the highest quality at every stage.

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